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Established 1996
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Charger for 12 V vehicle batteries
Fully automatic
LED indicators for charge level
5 Year Warranty
£ 64.99
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CTEK TIME TO GO Battery Charger

Item is open box but unused complete with all accessories Based on Swedish engineering, the CT5 TIME TO GO offers maximized life and performance for all 12 V vehicle batteries. You can make sure your battery is always in good condition, in the winter too, and even repair a discharged battery if you happen to leave it unattended.

The CT5 TIME TO GO is easy to use and fully automatic the technology monitors the battery and takes the actions needed to care for your particular battery.

The CT5 TIME TO GO is the only charger on the market that can tell you when your battery will be ready for use. A series of LED lights indicate the different charging stages and how long it will take before the battery is sufficiently charged. There are also indicators that tell you when you can safely TRY to start your vehicle and when the battery is ready to GO. This information is for your convenience only; it is completely safe to leave the CT5 TIME TO GO charger connected 24/7, all year round.

A lit TRY indicator means it is possible to make one start attempt

One single lit LED tells you exactly how long the battery has to go before it is ready-charged

When GO LED is lit, the battery is 80% charged and ready for full use.

Supplied with 5 Year Warranty