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Global 22khz Tone Switch
22kHz Tone Switch
Suitable for Universal LNBs
£ 49
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This device is useful to people with an old satellite receiver wishing to make use of a Universal LNB. As lacking a 22kHz tone option would mean that the Universal LNB could not switch to it's 10.6 Ghz L.O resulting in only being able to access half of the available frequency range. With this device the Universal LNB would switch from the 9.75 to the 10.6Ghz L.O when the tone signal is enabled.

This device can also be used to control an external LNB switch or other devices that require a 22kHz tone signal to switch on and off the desired function.

The lead is used for the automatic switching function. On the very end of this lead is a scart plug that makes use of the 12 volt switch control, from pin 8 of the scart socket, found on most satellite receivers. However, should your required scart socket already be occupied, or if you have a separate 12v switch, this lead allows the scart plug to be easily removed, revealing a single scart pin that can be inserted.

Should your receiver lack a 12 volt automatic switch, then the second option is to use both the Rx A and Rx B inputs, should your receiver have a two LNB input instead. When the Rx A input is in use, then no 22kHz tone will be generated. However, when the Rx B input is in use, then a 22kHz tone will be sent down the cable.

If you lack both of these switching methods, the on / off switch can be used for manual switching.

Also includes a single F-Lead.