£59.00 - Monoblock 6 degree Quad Output LNB 0.3db - LNBs - satellite - TPS - The Perfect Signal Ltd
Established 1996
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Monoblock 6 degree Quad Output LNB 0.3db
6 Degree Quad Monoblock LNB
Low Noise 0.3dB
3 Year Warranty
Quad Output to feed up to 4 receivers
£ 59
TPS Free Delivery
Used to receive 2 seperate satellites from one LNB which are spaced 6 degrees apart such as Hotbird @ 13° East and Astra 1 @ 19.2° East when using an 80cm satellite dish.

Furthermore, you can receive signals from 2 satellites that are 9° apart when using our Orbital Platinum dish.

Controlled by DiSEqC 1.0 switching and is compatible with all our Orbital Satellite Dishes.

This LNB offers high performance, low noise 0.3db LNB and allows you the ability to connect 4 receivers to one dish that receive broadcasts from 2 separate satellites.