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2 Pin to 3 Pin Adaptor
2 Pin to 3 Pin Adaptor
For devices that use a 2 pin plug
3 Amp Fuse
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TPS Free Delivery
This adaptor plug converts a plug-in transformer, power supply or battery charger with European plug pins into a BS1363 transformer/power supply, suitable for use in the UK.

The adaptor gives safe and reliable connection, while saving time and effort on assembly. Simply slide the europlug into position and tighten the screw to clamp the euro plug in position.br>
Approved to BS5733, BS1363 plug/socket features and BS1362 fuse linkbr>
Approved by BSIbr>
Complies with current RoHS standards

Voltage 240V, 50Hz
Current rating 2.5A
Load 600W (max.)
Fuse 3A
Material Thermoplastic PP. Cadmium free
Weight 45g (typical)