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BIS HD MPEG4 STB Only Self Install
High Definition Set Top Box Only
Includes 4 high definition channels
Pre-programmed to receive BIS subscription packages
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£ 259
TPS Free Delivery
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Up to 4 Years Finance: 24 Months @ £12.97
36 Months @ £9.40 | 48 Months @ £7.65
Choose this system if you already have a dish and universal LNB.

Satellite TV system to enjoy the French subscription package BIS on the Hotbird satellite 13° east and the Atlantic bird satellite 5° west. BIS includes everybodys favourite TF1. This package has a varied mix of genres for the whole family. The basic package BIS Panorama offers a full range of quality programming from all genres, general entertainment, culture, music, kids etc.

Automatically included in the Bis subscription are 4 high definition TV channels TF1, M6, France 2 and Arte (HD ready TV required to view HD content).

The set top box will be delivered pre-programmed so it is ready to plug in and go upon delivery. Your dish needs to be aligned to the Hotbird satellite at 13° east or the Atlantic Bird satellite at 5° west. To help you to do this we offer a discounted signal strength meter, usually £25, available with any language system for only £19.

The system is available with an optional external hard drive recording facility, similar to the Sky Plus system. This will offer you up to 170 hours recordings without the need for messy video tapes, timers etc. Recording can be stored or deleted repeatedly as approriate.

Although you can only record or view (not both simultaneously) the advantage over Sky Plus is the external hard drive is a USB device. Meaning that not only can you add additional drives if you like to keep lots of recordings but you can also transfer your recordings to other media, example your PC. Perfect for teachers who use language recordings as part of their teaching methods.

If you have any questions regarding this system please take a look at our list of French frequently asked questions. Alternatively contact us for professional friendly advice.

To purchase this system click the 'buy' button then add your chosen subscription package. Your purchase will appear on the left hand side of the screen. If you wish to add further purchases to your order, (example external hard drive or signal strength meter) continue shopping. When your order is complete click the 'edit/send order' button. An on-line order form will open in a new window. Follow the instructions to complete your order.