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Panasonic Remote Control N2QAYB000752
Panasonic Official Product
Black Finish
£ 49.99
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Official Panasonic replacement remote control handset.

Please note this handset supersedes previous part number N2QAYB000572 and is fully compatible with all applicable models

Compatible with the following screens:

TX-L32DT30B, TX-L32DT30E, TX-L32DT30Y, TX-L32DT35E, TX-L32ETF52, TX-L32ETN53, TX-L32ETS51, TX-L32ETX54, TX-L37DT30B, TX-L37DT30E, TX-L37DT30Y, TX-L37DT35E, TX-L37ETF52, TX-L37ETN53, TX-L37ETS51, TX-L37ETX54, TX-L42ETF52, TX-L42ETN53, TX-L42ETS51, TX-L42ETX54, TX-L47ETF52, TX-L47ETN53, TX-L47ETS51, TX-L47ETX54, TX-LR32DT30, TX-LR37DT30, TX-P42GT30B, TX-P42GT30Y, TX-P42GTF32, TX-P42GTF32J, TX-P42GTN33, TX-P42GTS31, TX-P42GTX34, TX-P42ST30B, TX-P42ST30E, TX-P42ST30J, TX-P42ST31B, TX-P42ST32Y, TX-P42ST33E, TX-P42ST33ES, TX-P42ST33JS, TX-P42UT30B, TX-P42UT30E, TX-P42UT30J, TX-P42UT30Y, TX-P46GT30J, TX-P46GT30Y, TX-P46GTF32J, TX-P46GTN33, TX-P46GTS31, TX-P46GTX34, TX-P46ST32Y, TX-P46ST33E, TX-P46ST33J, TX-P50GT30B, TX-P50GT30J, TX-P50GT30Y, TX-P50ST30B, TX-P50ST30E, TX-P50ST30J, TX-P50ST31B, TX-P50ST32Y, TX-P50ST33E, TX-P50ST33J, TX-P50UT30B, TX-P50UT30E, TX-P50UT30J, TX-P50UT30Y, TX-PF42ST30, TX-PF50ST30, TX-PR42GT30, TX-PR42ST30, TX-PR42UT30, TX-PR50GT30, TX-PR50ST30