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Panasonic Remote Control N2QAYA000144
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Panasonic Official Product
Silver Metallic Finish
£ 99.99
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Official Panasonic replacement remote control handset.

Compatible with the following TVs:

TX-50EXF787, TX-50EXN788, TX-50EXT786,
TX-50EXX789, TX-55EZ950E, TX-55EZ952B,
TX-55EZC954, TX-55EZR950, TX-55EZW954,
TX-58EXF787, TX-58EXN788, TX-58EXT786,
TX-58EXX789, TX-65EXF787, TX-65EXN788,
TX-65EXT786, TX-65EXX789, TX-65EZ1000E,
TX-65EZ1002B, TX-65EZ950E, TX-65EZ952B,
TX-65EZC1004, TX-65EZC954, TX-65EZR1000,
TX-65EZW1004, TX-65EZW954, TX-77EZ1000E,
TX-77EZ1002B, TX-77EZC1004, TX-77EZR1000,