£195.00 - Panasonic SC-ALL30TEBK Wireless Speaker System - SC-ALL30 - Audio - Panasonic - TPS - The Perfect Signal Ltd
Panasonic SC-ALL30TEBK Wireless Speaker System - SC-ALL30
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2.1ch System with Clear-mode Dialog/ Dual Integrated Subwoofer
Easy Operation with Music Streaming App
Stream TV Sound Throughout The House with ALL Series Wireless 4.1 Surround Sound with ALL2 Speakers
4K Signal Pass Through with HDCP 2.2
Space Saving & Clean Design
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Panasonic SC-ALL30TEBK Wireless Speaker System

By expanding the sound field in the upper front area of the TV screen, 2.1ch system with Clear-mode Dialog gives the sound greater depth. It also makes voices sound like they’re coming from the center of the screen. In addition, the ALL30T solves the traditional problem of how to get powerful bass out of a compact speaker by building in two subwoofers and a pair of innovative ports that give bass sound waves more space to move.

Thanks to the ALL30T, enjoying your favorite music all over your house has never been easier. You can stream between rooms from almost any source, including CDs, radio and online music, while WPS compatibility means you can set up your in-home speaker network at the push of a button. *The availability of subscription services and Internet radio may vary depending on the country.

By combining the ALL30T speakerboard and the ALL2, wireless 4.1-channel surround sound is produced with true-to-life ambience. In addition, TV sounds played on the ALL30T can be streamed onto ALL Series devices in a separate room.

A 4K video signal with HDCP 2.2 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, which is a copyright protection technology demanded by Movielabs (Motion Picture Laboratories)) is directly transmitted from a Blu-ray DiscTM player via a pass-through system. The connection is extremely simple, with no need to route separate cables for video and audio.

Thanks to its slim profile and stylish glass top the ALL30T can slot directly under your TV or into a kit rack, dramatically improving your TV sound quality without compromising your decor.


Dimensions (W x H x D) 700 x 60 x 365 mm
Weight 4.5 kg

Weight loading 50kg HDMI Output (TV)
HDMI Input (BD/ DVD)
Optical Digital Audio Input (TV)