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ZyXel PLA4201 500mbps Mini Powerline Ethernet Adaptor Single
Single Pack
Plug & Play
Upgrade powerline network by IEEE 1901 500 Mbps technology
Compliant with IEEE 1901 and compatible with HomePlug AV
QoS enhances media streaming quality
Power-saving mode reduces energy waste
Encrypt button for easy security setup
£ 45
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ZyXel PLA4201 500mbps Mini Powerline Ethernet Adaptor

Upgrade Home Networks Effortlessly with the Most Compact Powerline Adapter
The ZyXEL PLA4201 500 Mbps Mini Powerline Ethernet Adapter improves up to 60% performance for stable HD media streaming compared with 200 Mbps powerline technology.** Just plug a pair of PLA4201 into electric outlets and connect to network devices, then you can enjoy HD media streams, multiplayer gaming and other network applications in every room simultaneously right away.

Compact design for easy setup and instant plug-and-play

The new mini-size ZyXEL PLA4201 gives you the flexibility to turn power lines into a home network. The compact design allows hassle-free installation without blocking other power outlets. With a pair of plug-and-play PLA4201, you can easily extend your home network through any electrical outlet for Internet access from HDTVs, Blu-ray™ players, DVRs, PCs and game consoles.

Enjoy stable HD videos and gaming

Powered by the IEEE 1901 technology, the ZyXEL PLA4201 can provide a stable high-performance network for users to enjoy multiple HD streaming, multiplayer gaming, and Web surfing simultaneously.

QoS enhances media streaming quality

The advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features improve the quality of multimedia streaming applications such as Triple Play services by prioritizing HD video streaming, high-speed Internet access and VoIP traffics.

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