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Panasonic TY-ER3D4ME 3D Eyewear Medium
Super Quick Charge Time for Long Use
Lightweight Design 27g
Compatible with RF and FULL HD 3D Glasses Standard
Size : Medium
For use with 2012 Viera 3D Models only
£ 59
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Active Shutter 3D Glasses for Smart VIERA 3DTVs

Weighing only 27g, these can be comfortably worn for long periods of time. Panasonic 2012 Active Shutter Glasses are fully compliant with the FULL HD 3D Glasses Standard.

These glasses use an RF (wireless) system based on Bluetooth®. RF communication enhances stability for high-quality 3D viewing.

When the battery is charged from a USB socket, a super quick 2 minute charge will give you about 3 hours of use. With a full 30 minute charge, you can expect to get about 30 hours of use. This 30 Minute charge time is 75% quicker than last years 3D Active Shutter Glasses, meaning that from now on, you can spend less time charging the battery and more time watching your 3D content.

TY3D4ME glasses are compatible with Panasonic 2012 3D VIERA. (WT50, DT50, ET50, VT50, GT50, ST50, UT50, and XT50 series.) If you own a 2011 VIERA model, please purchase TY-EW3D3ME.

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