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Echobox Ethernet Over Coax Adaptor
Wired Ethernet connection using the existing Coax cables
IR pass from Sky receivers
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Echobox Ethernet Over Coax Adaptor

Smart TV’s, HD set top boxes and online gaming consoles need a faster and more stable internet connection than ever before. Even the latest Wi-Fi networks struggle to provide a fast and stable enough connection to meet the ever growing demand.

Without installing any new wires, the echoBox delivers a fully wired, high speed data network all around the home via your existing TV aerial cable.

The MoCA® technology inside the echoBox was designed from the ground up to send fast and reliable data without being affected by the environment around it.

Most set top boxes and PVR’s don’t have Wi-Fi capability. The echoBox enables their online functions with all the benefits of a cabled connection.