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Sony XR65X95LU 65-inch 4K HDR Mini LED TV Ultra HD Smart
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Cognitive Processor XR™
XR Backlight Master Drive™
Acoustic Multi-Audio
Dolby Atmos Compatible
Dedicated Game Menu
£ 1899
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Sony XR65X95LU 65-inch 4K HDR Mini LED TV

Powered by Cognitive Processor XR™, the unique XR Backlight Master Drive precisely controls the latest generation Mini LED backlight in this X95L 4K BRAVIA XR TV for brightness you can feel.

A real revolution in power and processing technology, The Cognitive Processor XR understands how humans see and hear in real-life. For example, it recognises that you will be focusing on the player with the ball, and that the sound of the crowd should roar from all directions.

With this complex level of understanding, the X95L then recreates scenes in your living room that are so realistic, you can see them unfold in front of your eyes and hear the action all around you.

The flawless contrast and brightness is made possible by our powerful XR Backlight Master Drive, which utilises a unique local dimming algorithm to control the thousands of tiny, high-dense Mini LEDs with absolute precision and independence. All this happens in real-time to keep you at the heart of the action, whether you're watching a game live, or watching the highlights.

Not only do you get realistic visuals with the X95L, but you'll bring the sound of the stadium home too! The Acoustic Multi Audio+ technology is advanced, creating sound that appears to come from directly from where it is happening on-screen to fully immerse you in the action.

Four front-facing speakers, and two sound positioning frame tweeters for even better clarity, work together to ensure pictures and sound are precisely aligned. That means you'll hear the moment a tennis ball smashes against the racket, a race car zooms across the track, or the crowd cheers from the sides. With such a multi-faceted, dynamic audio experience, it is like being inside the stadium.

The X95L features a smooth, aluminium Seamless Edge Bezel that will harmonise with any interior, it is also supplied premium back-lit remote control.

The 3-way, aluminium edge TV stand offers ultimate convenience, choose the standard position for larger surfaces, the narrow position if your furniture is smaller, or the soundbar position if you want to slide your soundbar neatly underneath.

A new dedicated Gaming Menu allows you to optimise your gaming performance quickly. It includes Motion Blur Reduction, a Black Equaliser, Crosshair (available in six different styles), and Screen Size, that allows you to maximise your view when you need to see more detail in every corner of a game and minimise it when you need your eyes to focus on the enemy with laser vision.

Perfect for PlayStation 5, the X95L recognises when a console is connected and powered on. It then automatically switches to Auto Low Latency Mode in HDMI 2.1 so you can enjoy smoother, more responsive gameplay. This is a vital feature for those who want the competitive edge in fast-moving, high-intensity games.

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