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Sony XR77A95LPU 77-inch 4K HDR QD OLED TV Ultra HD Smart
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4K HDR QD-OLED screen
Powered by Cognitive Processor XR™
Acoustic Surface Audio +™
Dolby Vision®Compatible
Dolby Atmos® Compatible
Seamless Edge Design>br>
£ 5499
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Sony XR77A95LPU 77-inch 4K HDR QD OLED TV

The brightest, most colourful OLED TV produced to date, the A95L QD-OLED panel delivers approximately 200% more brightness than a conventional OLED TV, and the XR Triluminos Max display presents real-life shades and hues you won't find on other TVs. The picture stays true from any angle.

The poweful Cognitive Processor XR understands how humans see and hear in real-life. For example, it recognises that you will be focusing on the main character in a scene, and that the sound of a jet plane should move across the top of your head. The A95L then recreates scenes in your living room that are so realistic, you can see them unfold in front of your eyes and hear the action all around you.

The Acoustic Surface Audio + technology turns the screen into a speaker, sound comes directly from the on-screen soundtrack helping to make the entire entertainment experience more immersive. You can take your home entertainment set-up to the next level with the Acoustic Center Sync feature. This works by synchronising your TV's audio system with the centre channel of a compatible Sony soundbar, turning it into your centre speaker. Both dialogue clarity and sound positioning is then strengthened for an even more immersive audio experience.

You can even take your set-up to the next level with the Acoustic Center Sync feature and a compatible Sony soundbar.

Ultra-slim with a smooth Metal Seamless Edge Bezel, the premium, signature design will feel at home within any interior. The two-way TV stand allows you to slide your soundbar neatly underneath, and our premium backlit remote control is included.

The new dedicated Gaming Menu allows you to optimise your gaming performance - quickly. It includes Motion Blur Reduction, a Black Equaliser, Crosshair (available in six different styles), and Screen Size, that allows you to maximise your view when you need to see more detail in every corner of a game and minimise it when you need your eyes to focus on the enemy with laser vision.

BRAVIA CAM is included, so you can enjoy an optimised viewing experience, video chats on the big screen, and more.

The innovative Multi View feature enables the screen to be split two ways when you need to multi-task. You'll never miss a thing with Time Shift either - this new technology recognises when you leave the room, automatically pauses your show whilst you're out, and resumes it once you're back.

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