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Triax TDS-65A 65cm Satellite Dish
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65cm Satellite Dish Galvanised steel
Anthracite Grey
High gain for an exceptional signal
Cable protection system
Quick and easy installation
One-click mounting system
Self-locking screw and nuts
£ 60
TPS Free Delivery
Triax TDS-65A 65cm Satellite Dish

Manufactured and tested to the highest standards of precision and quality, TRIAX's easy-to-install dishes offer outstanding performance, durability and reliability.


Size: 65 cm
Height 66 cm
Width 60 cm
LNB holder 40mm diameter
Net Weight 3.2kg
Mast bracket diameter 30…60 mm
Reflector type Offset
Beamwidth 3.1 °

Colour: Anthracite Grey
Dish Face material Hot-dip galvanised steel
Screws & brackets material Galvanised steel
Mounting kits: 6-edge flange nut with 2 mast brackets included as standard.