TPS - The Perfect Signal Ltd
Extended Guarantee

Important notes

  1. The additional two years extended guarantee commences five years after purchase and does not form part of the original contract of sale.
  2. Any product purchased via an external finance partner is excluded from this extension until the contract with the finance partner has expired.


  1. TPS agrees, subject to the following terms, conditions and exceptions to extend the warranty of the product for the benefit of the purchaser to cover the cost of repair or replacement due to electrical or mechanical failure
  2. The warranty is only valid in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

What is covered?

  1. Remedy as an extension of the standard manufacturer’s guarantee
  2. Parts and labour to fit parts
  3. Replacement with a similar specification model if repair is uneconomical

What is not covered?

  1. Failure due to not complying with the manufacturer’s operating instructions and guidelines for general care, maintenance and cleaning
  2. Accessories such as, but not limited to, remote controls, connection leads, 3D glasses
  3. Failure due to the use of accessories not approved by the manufacturer.
  4. Failure due to abnormal electrical supply or signal
  5. Negligent or wilful abuse or misuse, accidental damage, scratching or denting
  6. Damage caused by animals or insects
  7. Repairs to external finishes and cosmetic items
  8. Consequential loss or loss of use of the product
  9. Damage caused by tipping during transit
  10. Image retention or screen burn
  11. Dead pixels or misfires within the manufacturer’s specification
  12. Screen uniformity anomalies due to ageing or within the manufacturer’s specification
  13. Modification of cupboards, storage units or wall mounting to accommodate a replacement
  14. Transportation, packaging or shipping costs


  1. All benefits under the agreement will cease if there are reasonable grounds to believe any claim is fraudulent, dishonest or exaggerated
  2. The product is not covered if it is at any time used in a non-domestic, commercial, semi-professional or professional environment
  3. Any replacement will be supplied from available stock which may include refurbished items
  4. The cost of replacing a part which is no longer available shall not exceed the manufacturer’s last published price of the part
  5. If the product is considered to be beyond economical repair, reasonable efforts will be made to replace with the same make and model. The total liability is limited to the lower of the original purchase price of the product or its current value, taking into consideration age, specification and condition.
  6. All benefits under the agreement will cease if TPS is no longer trading.
  7. All benefits under the agreement will cease if the original manufacturer is no longer trading or offering similar products for sale.